Press Release - Dragon’s Watch - a unique battle RPG coming to mobile in 2017

London-based mobile startup The Secret Police is delighted to announce its forthcoming battle RPG, Dragon’s Watch.

The company has attracted backers including Ian Livingstone (Games Workshop/Eidos), Hayao Nakayama (Sega/Marvelous) and Finn Brice (Terraria/Chucklefish/Starbound), and has attracted some of London’s brightest game development talent to join the Dragon’s Watch team.

While designed for western players, Dragon’s Watch draws inspiration from Japanese and Asian RPGs, adding a unique and tactile battle system designed for 1-handed play. Unlike many free-to-play games, Dragon’s Watch supports both online and offline play - meaning players can enjoy the game regardless of whether they have an internet connection.

Players collect and evolve heroes, each with their own skills, spells, strengths and weaknesses - assembling a squad of six to take into battle. They’re on a quest to rebuild the Dragon’s Watch, seeking out the lost dragons of Kagria, without whom the realm risks falling into chaos.

With hundreds of heroes to collect, potions to craft, and bosses to defeat, Dragon’s Watch features stunning graphics and deep and absorbing gameplay to keep players captivated for months.

“We’re huge fans of social RPGs like Summoner’s War, Puzzle and Dragons and Brave Frontier,” commented co-founder Harry Holmwood, “and wanted to make a game which looks and feels great, is accessible to a wide audience but still has the depth of play and strategy to appeal to hardcore players. We’re really excited to be revealing Dragon’s Watch for the first time, and look forward to launching later this year.”

Dragon’s Watch is currently in beta testing, and will launch later in 2017. Players can see the trailer at, where they can also register to receive free in-game items when the game launches.

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About The Secret Police

The Secret Police is a mobile game company based in London, UK. Founded by industry veterans Harry Holmwood and BAFTA-winning Ric Moore, and chaired by the legendary Ian Livingstone, the company has attracted investors from UK and Japan, including Amuse Capital/Hayao Nakayama, former Sega CEO and founder of Marvelous, Inc.

For more information, please contact Harry Holmwood

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