The Secret Police closes in on Japanese Investment

London mobile game studio closes investment round from Japanese game industry legend and former Sega President Hayao Nakayama.

The Secret Police, the exciting new London-based mobile game developer, today announces an investment from Amuse Capital, Inc., the venture fund of Hayao Nakayama, former President of Sega Enterprises, who has made a huge contribution to the development and growth of the Japanese videogames industry.

The Secret Police has already attracted the support of several other industry legends, including Chairman Ian Livingstone and Starbound creator Finn Brice. The company, run by former Bossa Studios co-founder Ric Moore and games industry veteran Harry Holmwood, is drawing lessons from the lucrative Japanese and Asian mobile markets, with targeting a western and wider audience. Its first, currently announced, game will launch in 2016.

“We are delighted and honoured to welcome Hayao Nakayama and Amuse Capital as a strategic investor,” commented Holmwood, “Japan leads the way in the mobile gaming business and there are many lessons for us to learn, and opportunities to explore there. We look forward to launching our first title next year and expanding our business globally from there. Having an ally as connected and experienced as Mr Nakayama is a huge step forward for our company.”

About Amuse Capital, Inc. / Hayao Nakayama

Amuse Capital Inc. is an investment company headed by Hayao Nakayama, the former chairman of Pasona and the former president of Sega. He has overseen the listing of both Pasona and Sega on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has many years of experience in business management. Using this business know-how, Amuse Capital invests in sectors such as entertainment, online services and human resources. Amuse Capital has investments in companies including Marvelous, Inc. (games and entertainment), Trust Tech Inc. (human resources) and Interworks (media recruitment), all of which are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Mr Nakayama was President of Sega Enterprises in the 80s and 90s, before founding AQ Interactive, which merged with Marvelous Entertainment and Liveware in 2011. The resulting group, Marvelous Inc, is a leading Japanese producer of mobile and console software, arcade games, video, music and stage productions.

About The Secret Police

The Secret Police is a mobile game developer, based in London, UK. The company, founded by gaming veterans Ric Moore and Harry Holmwood, is focused on building free-to-play mobile experiences based on lessons learned in the Japanese and Asian mobile markets. The company has attracted the backing of several gaming industry notables, including Ian Livingstone CBE, Finn Brice (Starbound) and Hayao Nakayama (former Sega President). More information at

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